Building on Surgical Excellence

Surgical Services Open House
Pullman Regional Hospital
Friday, September 8th, 2017
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Space is limited. Please RSVP by August 30th.

Surgery Expansion Project


Pullman Regional Hospital takes pride in its efforts to stay on the leading edge of technology and innovation. As a result of these efforts, we are proud to share the news of our highly anticipated surgical expansion project, to be revealed to the public on Friday, September 8th.

Over the past five years, surgical procedures performed at Pullman Regional Hospital increased by 20 percent, and demands from physicians grew rapidly. This is partly due to the fact that PRH is the only hospital in the region to provide da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery, which has proven beneficial for multiple surgical specialties.

The hospital previously had three operating rooms that were fully utilized 85 percent of the time by 20 physicians:

  • general surgeons
  • orthopaedics
  • urologists
  • ophthalmologists
  • ear nose and throat specialist
  • gynecologists  
  • gastroenterologist

The PRH Board of Commissioners  identified the surgery expansion project as the highest need in 2016, and called for the addition of a fourth operating room, along with technological upgrades to the three existing operating rooms. These upgrades included installing the latest in surgical technology, such as viewing monitors, LED lighting, new surgical booms, and high definition cameras. The $2.3 million project launched in 2017 and was collaboratively funded by generous donations from the community and Pullman Regional Hospital.

Now that this phase of the expansion is complete, Pullman Regional Hospital can serve the growing needs of the community more effectively and remain a leader in surgical excellence. Please join us on Friday, September 8th to witness the unveiling of the fourth operating room, and learn how the technological upgrades will better serve both patients and physicians.

 “Pullman Regional Hospital is the best hospital in the area. From a statistical standpoint, we have extremely low complication and infection rates and the most consistent and experienced operating room staff in the area. I like operating here because my patients are taken care of. I feel pretty lucky as a surgeon to live in a community that has such an excellent facility.”   -- Ed Tingstad, MD, Inland Orthopaedics Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinic



Building on Surgical Excellence

Help us fund medical technology to meet the hospital’s highest needs and the Surgery Expansion Project.

Growth in Surgical Demand

More surgeons and patients are choosing Pullman Regional Hospital for surgical solutions. In the last five years, demand has steadily increased to 1,000 more surgical cases per year – pushing our hospital’s surgical capacity to its limit.