Building on Surgical Excellence

The time to expand is now

Surgeries performed at Pullman Regional Hospital have increased by 20 percent over the past five years and demand from physicians continues to grow. This demand is necessitating an expansion of current surgical services to build a fourth operating room and upgrade key technology components in our existing three operating rooms.

The three operating rooms are fully utilized 85 percent of the time and used by 20 physicians (general surgeons, orthopedics, urologists, an ophthalmologist, an ear nose and throat specialist, gynecologists; and a gastroenterologist). Adding to the demand is the fact that Pullman Regional Hospital is the only hospital in the region to provide da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery, which has proven beneficial for multiple surgical specialties. 

The surgical project also includes upgrading the three existing operating rooms with the latest in surgical technology, such as a viewing monitor, LED lighting, new surgical booms and high definition cameras.

The $1.75 million project is slated to begin in 2017 and the goal is to complete the project by spring 2017. The PRH Board of Commissioners has identified the surgery expansion as the highest need in 2016. The Foundation and the hospital are partnering to fund the project.

 “We need to upgrade our existing operating rooms to keep pace with ever changing surgical care and technology.”   -- Ed Harrich, Director of Surgical Services, Pullman Regional Hospital

“Pullman Regional Hospital is the best hospital in the area. From a statistical standpoint, we have extremely low complication and infection rates and the most consistent and experienced operating room staff in the area. I like operating here because my patients are taken care of. I feel pretty lucky as a surgeon to live in a community that has such an excellent facility.”   -- Ed Tingstad, MD, Inland Orthopaedics Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinic


Surgery Equipment Upgrades
  • LED lighting
  • Inline cameras and video
  • High definition video streaming capabilities for pre-med and physician training and education
  • Surgical booms and arms
  • Media control system


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Building on Surgical Excellence

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Growth in Surgical Demand

More surgeons and patients are choosing Pullman Regional Hospital for surgical solutions. In the last five years, demand has steadily increased to 1,000 more surgical cases per year – pushing our hospital’s surgical capacity to its limit.