Pullman Regional Hospital chosen to implement Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

Jan 7, 2016

Pullman – Pullman Regional Hospital was recently selected among 39 hospitals and clinics in Washington state to participate in the first cohort of organizations to implement Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest, a program to facilitate conversations about advance care planning to improve end of life care. The program includes guidance and tools to discuss and plan for a person’s future health care decisions so that these wishes may be honored.


Katie Evermann Druffel, director of Social Work, is leading the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest implementation for Pullman Regional Hospital. She and a team will be attending training in Seattle thanks to a $10,000 grant from Empire Health Foundation.


“One of the most important conversations you can have with your health care providers and your loved ones is about what kind of care you want if you should become critically ill or are unable to speak for yourself,” Evermann Druffel said.


“We want to make sure that our patients are cared for in the way they want, but that’s very difficult if both patients and physicians avoid the topic. Our goal is to make that conversation easier for both providers and patients, so you can receive care that is consistent with your goals and values.”


Pullman Regional Hospital will partner with Pullman Family Medicine in a pilot program dedicated to organizing the referral, storage and retrieval of Advance Care Plans for healthy adults. The advance care planning program will also be integrated in to hospital based care; where the hospital already has a “Quality of Life” team dedicated to palliative care and honoring patient choices at the end of life.


The Steering Committee & Implementation Team consists of:


Silvia Bowker, Administrator at Pullman Family Medicine

Dr. Ben Adkins, Pullman Family Medicine

Jeannie Eylar, Chief Clinical Officer

Katie Evermann Druffel, Social Work

Jessica Rivers, Volunteer Services

Chris Jensen, Information Technology 

Cathy Murphy, Clinical Informatics

Sandy Frisbey, Health Information Management


Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest is an initiative of the Washington State Hospital Association and the Washington State Medical Association with a goal to promote advance care planning by increasing awareness and providing training and resources. Visit www.HonroingChoicesPNW.org  for more information. 

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