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An innovative approach to wellness

Innovative approach through positive psychology

The Healthy Steps Together approach is to create an intentional community to help bring out people’s best selves. This is achieved through positive psychology techniques that empower people to succeed in becoming healthy. Through group discussion, games, role playing and buddy coaching opportunities, the program empowers participants to create their own personal wellness vision and provides them guidance to get there. By aligning their daily choices and smaller goals with their visions, participants find it easier to stay motivated and get back on track when minor setbacks arise.


Innovative Leadership

The program leader, Melissa Francik, is has completed and been awarded the Wellcoaches National Coaching Certification in addition to being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.


Participants’ comments about what makes HST innovative:
  • It is a team approach with a wide variety of instructors
  • Melissa has a coaching specialty in addition to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credential
  • There are follow up opportunities for participation with the support group
  • There are opportunities for scholarships that allow a variety of participants
  • There is a wide demographic of people allowing for good interaction
  • For me it gave information in a different way that was more meaningful to remember and apply to daily living and nutritional choices.
  • I like Healthy Steps because it is holistic. The program brings together many ideas and theories that I have read about in the past and has helped me make connections. 
  • This 12 week course has been one of the most enjoyable and informative health classes I have ever taken.  Melissa Francik has created a course that is exciting, nonjudgmental, and geared towards losing weight while making food fun to eat.  She skillfully shows her students how to change the all too familiar guilt induced way of eating into a pleasurable way of approaching food by making small changes, learning how to read confusing food labels, and practicing the art of self-care.  She has shown me that eating food should not be a shame based experience but rather a fun and inventive occasion.  Her class is interactive, hosting a variety of excellent guest speakers that included a pharmacist’s, yoga instructor, walking coach, physical therapist, and many, many more. 

  • Great class. Outstanding teacher. Critical information. Applicable for anyone and everyone. A bargain at twice the price. Totally rocked my boat!
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