New Wellness Coordinator hired at Pullman Regional Hospital

Feb 27, 2017

Veronica Hopwood is the new Wellness Coordinator at Pullman Regional Hospital. She replaces Stephanie Pierce, who is now working full-time at the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation. Hopwood, who hails from Puerto Rico, is currently in a doctorate program in Prevention Science at Washington State University. Her area of interest is obesity prevention and emotional regulation in high-risk populations.


“Hospitals should be the leaders in wellness and prevention,” Hopwood said. “I’m excited to be working with Pullman Regional Hospital who is committed to helping their employees, and eventually the community, focus on wellness and prevention.”


Currently, more than 280 out of 450 total employees are enrolled in the employee benefit program that assigns points to wellness and prevention activities performed by employees. Those completing the program can earn $500 toward their Health Savings Accounts or cash gift certificates. Last year, the completion rate was 70 percent.

Hopwood will coordinate Wellness for Life educational events for staff and community as well. 

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