Community Health Impact Fellowship Awards awarded by Center for Learning & Innovation at Pullman Regional Hospital

Mar 30, 2017

Three Washington State University faculty members whose research focuses on improving health outcomes are the recent recipients of the Community Health Impact Fellowship Awards by The Center for Learning & Innovation at Pullman Regional Hospital.


2016-2017 Awardees are Dr. Bidisha Mandal with the WSU School of Economic Sciences; Dr. Hassan Ghasemzadeh with the WSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and Dr. Lei Li, with the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. They are the first recipients of the newly created Fellowships, designed to encourage community collaboration, collegiality, and productivity to improve healthcare delivery, lower costs and improve patient outcomes. Fellowship recipients are working with hospital departments to test their research through real-time experiences in a clinical setting and utilizing hospital data.


Dr. Mandal’s research focuses on understanding the need for and scope of transitional care in Pullman and the region. She will be analyzing Pullman Regional Hospital’s readmission rates and how these affect hospital resources. Dr. Ghasemzadeh’s research is focused on making nutrition monitoring easier for patients so that they can keep track of their nutrition intake more easily through the use of mobile speech and text. Dr. Li’s research is on smartphone based mobile-point-of-care to diagnose disease with high accuracy and high sensitivity.

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