Melanie's Story

Melanie Hodges is a firecracker in a small package. As the owner and “CEO” of Lily Bee’s Fine Boutique and Consignments in downtown Pullman, her love for selling quality clothing, formal dresses and vintage items on consignment is apparent. She will soon be celebrating Lily Bee’s 10 year anniversary in business. With her naturally bubbly personality, she makes friends quickly, so it’s no surprise that after a recent stay at Pullman Regional Hospital, Melanie found herself making new friends.

“The nurses were so nice,” she said. “When I left (the hospital), I felt like I had new friends.”

She compares Pullman Regional Hospital to a large hospital in Vail, Colorado where her daughter is Director of Nursing. “Our nurses are just as good as theirs,” she says with a smile and a laugh. “We have an A-1 hospital.”  

“Nurses really are the healers,” she said. “If I ever need to go back for something, it will be to Pullman Regional Hospital. I felt like I had been taken care of so well.” 

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