Pullman Regional Hospital Launches Health Education Video Series on Social Media

Oct 9, 2017

Today Pullman Regional Hospital launched a series of short videos on social media aimed at raising awareness by the public on relevant health issues. The series covers topics that are seen in the hospital’s emergency department on a regular basis, along with those that are a growing health concern locally and nationally. These include opioid use, marijuana edibles, alcohol abuse, and sexual assault. The videos feature Dr. Pete Mikkelsen, Medical Director of Emergency Services, and Catherine Wilkins, R.N., Pediatric Care Coordinator at Pullman Regional Hospital.


“These are real health issues we see at Pullman Regional Hospital, “said Megan Guido, Chief Marketing and Community Relations Officer… “The videos are designed to be quick and easy to understand references that raise awareness and inform”.


The series runs from October 9th – November 13th, with a new video being shared each Monday. You can view these videos on Pullman Regional Hospital’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pullmanregionalhospital/.

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