Speech Sounds Visualized

English Pronunciation Training created by a Speech Language Pathologist

Clear communication is the key to success - let us show you how!  

An accent is something to be proud of, as this can be an important representation of who you are, and where you come from. However, if you feel that your accent impedes your interpersonal communication, then allow us to help you find balance between maintaining your accent while being better understood by others. The Speech Sounds Visualized app uses revolutionary, never before seen imagery which will help you understand how the English speech sounds are formed.  Other products use computer-generated imagery to demonstrate the English speech sounds. Our app is the only one that uses x-ray technology to improve your understanding. This, combined with written instruction from a highly trained Speech Language Pathologist, provides you with an extraordinary tool for learning.

Speech Language Pathologists know that to address pronunciation issues, we must first master the sound in isolation.  That is the primary emphasis for this app, in part because there is a need for this amongst current programs addressing pronunciation. Once all of the sounds are mastered at the isolation level, practice may begin at the word level. Eventually, you will feel confident enough to practice these sounds in sentences and within conversation.  




Key Features:

  • Revolutionary x-ray imagery helps users understand how sounds are produced at the most basic level.
  • Recording feature allows users to record their own sounds to compare to the instructional sounds.
  • Combination of visual, auditory, and written instructions cater to a variety of learning preferences.
  • Users are able to practice sounds in the context of words.




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This innovative imagery was made possible through cooperation between Pullman Regional Hospital Center for Learning and Innovation and GemIIni Educational Systems. The radiographic imagery was approved through an Institutional Review Board, and in conjunction with a Radiation Health Physicist.


For more information, please email SSV@Pullmanregional.org.

Three-Prong Approach

The app uses a unique combination of x-ray images, audio recordings, and written instructions to guide the user to recreate the correct sound.