Speech Sounds Visualized App

An app developed to help those who wish to manage, modify, or reduce their accent.

About the app:

Pullman Regional Hospital Center for Learning and Innovation and GemIIni Educational Systems have partnered to create an app to help people who wish to manage, modify, or reduce their accent in order to be better understood by others. The app uses a unique combination of  x-ray images and written instructions to guide the user to recreate the correct sound.

Speech Sounds Visualized will be available in the App Store starting January 2018.


Accent Reduction:

An accent is something to be proud of, as this can be an important representation of who you are, and where you come from. Yet some people find that a particularly strong accent can impede interpersonal communication, and have an adverse impact on one’s career or relationships.

Speech Language Pathologists know that to address pronunciation issues, we must first master the sound in isolation.  That is the primary emphasis for this app, in part because there is a need for this amongst current programs addressing pronunciation. Once all of the sounds are mastered at the isolation level, practice may begin at the word level.



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Our Staff
Keri Jones
Speech Therapist

(509) 332-5106 ssv@pullmanregional.org

X-Ray Images

The app uses x-rays of the mouth while sounds are produced to help users recreate the correct sound.