PRH Earns Innovation Award for Resuscitation Training

Nov 1, 2013

Pullman Regional Hospital recently received the Excellence Through Innovation Award for Resuscitation Curriculum Development using HealthStream products. Donna Haynes, R.N., Human Resources Specialist and Coordinator of Clinical Education, and Lauré Larsen, R.N., Director of Intensive Care and Medical/Surgical Units, accepted the award at the October HealthStream National Conference in Nashville.

The hospital has partnered with HealthStream, a leading provider of research, learning, and performance management solutions for the healthcare industry, in its clinical education and patient satisfaction surveying.

This award recognizes the effectiveness of the use of simulation, also called Deliberate Practice, to build a Mock Code Competency Program at Pullman Regional Hospital. The program enhances staff competency so hospital staff members can effectively respond to a hospital code situation.

"Simulation technology is increasingly common in clinical education—at all levels—as a tool for clinicians to learn new skills in a safe, controlled, environment that provides ‘forgiving' practice opportunities," said Haynes.

Direct experience is a contributing factor to a healthcare provider's ability to lead or participate in an emergent patient care situation. Studies show average survival rates increased approximately 50 percent when correlated with mock code competency simulation on a bi-annual basis.

Scott Adams, CEO of Pullman Regional Hospital, said "The award recognizes an effective partnership between HealthStream and our staff leaders in clinical education to ensure the ongoing competency of our healthcare providers in emergency situations. We are grateful to the work and leadership provided in this important area of clinical education."

Contact: Alison Weigley, Community Relations Coordinator
Pullman Regional Hospital

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