Da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Safety and Cost

Apr 10, 2013

Da Vinci Robotic-Assisted surgery is in the news! You may have heard talk about one of the most exciting advancements in surgical technology lately in terms of patient safety and cost.

While it's important to understand that all surgical procedures involve risk and have a price tag, what the last 15 months of our da Vinci surgical robotics program has taught us is that patients are experiencing less complications, less pain after surgery, a shorter hospital stay, less scaring, and a quicker return to daily activities. In terms of cost, Pullman Regional Hospital charges the same for a surgery using laparoscopic tools as the da Vinci surgical robotic system.

Our patients say they are able to return to work faster than they expected and often times didn't have to take any pain medication. Our da Vinci-trained surgeons report they have more precision and control and an enhanced view of the operative field.

After 1 year of implementing our da Vinci surgical robotics program, we're proud to report:

  • 143 surgical robotic cases
  • 6 da Vinci-trained surgeons, 7 registered nurses, 3 scrub techs, 4 nurse anesthetists
  • More than 350 hours of da Vinci surgical robotics operating room time
  • 1.1-day average length of stay for hysterectomy patients
  • 3.6-day average length of stay for urology patients (includes nephrectomy)
  • Served surgical robotics patients from Pullman to over 200 miles away
  • One of the first places in the world to perform a Single Site da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery
  • More than 20 da Vinci surgical robotics community education events

At Pullman Regional Hospital, our patients are an essential part of their own care team, and we strongly encourage everyone to research their options, ask questions, and most of all—to talk with their doctor.

To learn more about da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical options visit www.pullmanregional.org/robotic-surgery

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