Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation Awarded $85,000 HRSA Planning Grant

Nov 4, 2014

Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation secured $85,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration to conduct a community needs assessment and expand community collaborations around women’s and children’s health through the work of the Palouse Area Health Network (PAHN).

The first goal of the one year planning grant is to complete a community needs assessment, followed by a medical services inventory and a service gap analysis to identify additional services and medical needs. In partnership with Pullman Regional Hospital, the network will develop a strategic plan for the hospital’s Center for Women’s and Children’s Health and plan ways to expand the network.

The PAHN is a rich partnership of local health and human service agencies committed to enhancing women’s and children’s health and includes Pullman Regional Hospital, Empire Health Foundation, Pullman School District, Palouse Pediatrics, Palouse Medical, Pullman Family Medicine, Palouse River Counseling, Whitman County Public Health, Community Action Center, Willow Center, Better Health Together, and Washington State University departments of Human Development, Health and Wellness Services, and Psychology.

“Drawing on the knowledge and experience of community social services groups, school districts and government agencies, as well as hospitals and physicians, will provide insight into the high impact areas that can make a measureable difference in the overall health of our community and region,” said Scott Adams, CEO of Pullman Regional Hospital.

The goal of the network is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality medical care and health services to the remote and rural communities located in Whitman County, Washington and Latah County, Idaho, primarily in the area of women’s and children’s health. 

“Health is one of the fundamental ingredients for learning along with safety, security, and nutrition. We understand that if children that are healthy, secure, and well-nourished they are more likely to flourish in school,” said Paul Sturm, Superintendent for Pullman Public Schools.

The PAHN seeks to achieve a community-based healthcare system, connecting those in need to local resources.

“The PAHN plays a pivotal role for the region regarding health improvement. We have the right people at the table and a great understanding and sense of the local needs to provide this voice and will serve as a valuable partner in the region,” said Brian Myers, Senior Program Associate for Empire Health Foundation.

Agencies within the network look forward to finding an integrated approach to improving local outcomes.

“One of the primary visions for healthcare reform is better coordination of services especially between physical and behavioral medicine. I am excited that in our own community we have an opportunity to work on this vision as it relates to healthcare services for women and children,” said Mike Berney Executive Director for Palouse River Counseling.

Contact: Alison Weigley, Assistant Director of Development, External Relations and Marketing
Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation

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