Annual Giving for Excellence 2015 Fund Drive

Help us fund medical technology for heart care and to improve the lives of women and children.

Our 2015 Annual Giving for Excellence Fund Drive goal is $546,000 to support Pullman Regional Hospital's Highest Needs--thanks to you, we reached this goal! 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the state of Washington. Pullman Regional Hospital is committed to nurturing a heart healthy community and meeting the health needs of women and children. All of these items will keep Pullman Regional Hospital up-to-date with life-saving heart monitoring and rehabilitation equipment, medical technology, and rehabilitation facilities.


Thank you for helping fund the tools to complement the care provided by our talented healthcare professionals:

Thank you for Supporting Heart Care at Pullman Regional Hospital
  • Code-ready defibrillator units for six hospital departments to resuscitate pediatric and adult patients.
  • Two EKG (Electrocardiogram) Monitors used to detect heart  problems and test for heart disease.
  • King of Hearts patient activated cardiac monitor worn outside of the hospital to record cardiac symptoms.
  • Emergent Care Patient Monitor for wireless cardiac monitoring in the Emergency Department.
  • Summit Therapy & Health Services Patient Locker Room Renovation to update a 20-year-old facility. 
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Workstation for analyzing patient data and supporting patient recovery. 
  • Woodway Patient Therapy Treadmill for rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or disuse. 
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia System for patient therapy after a cardiac arrest and during massive transfusions. 
Thank you for Supporting Women’s & Children’s Health at Pullman Regional Hospital
  • A BirthPlace Labor Bed provides comfort and security for both the mother and caregiver. 
  • Neonatal Crib used for advanced treatment and newborn therapy in the BirthPlace nursery. 
  • BirthPlace Monitor for High Risk Infants used to stabilize,  assess, and observe prior to transport.
  • Two Mini Telemetry Labor Monitors for wireless monitoring of a soon-to-be-born baby. 
  • MyoSure Fibroid & Tissue Removal System which eliminates the need to cut or remove part of the uterus.
Give today to ensure quality healthcare for your family and generations of families to come.

Contact Alison Weigley at the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation to learn more about Annual Giving or make a gift online.

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Pullman Regional Hospital Needs Your Support

The 2015 Annual Giving for Excellence Fund Drive focuses on the tools to prevent & treat heart disease and meet the medical needs of women & children.

Pullman Regional Hospital Has Heart

Cardiac rehab patients Cheryl Kinkel and Maureen Clausen found friendship on their road to recovery.

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