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Real Stories from Real Patients

Real Stories

Lifesaving, Every Step of the Way

Peg Collins was watching TV on the couch with her husband one Saturday night when she suddenly the unbelievable happened...

Jody Lee Conrad's Story

Pullman Regional Hospital Emergency Department...what you do is important.

ToniJo shares her skills

Read how Tonijo Batteron with Outpatient Registration put her sign language interpretation skills to work

Bill Condon's Story

“It’s a story I lived to tell.” Read Bill Condon’s dramatic story of life and death.

Eban's Story

Pullman surgeon, Dr. Edwin Tingstad, and access to emergency specialty care keeps Eban Staab on his feet after a near debilitating kickball collision.

Richard's Story

WSU Cougar fan, Richard Moulson found his Guardian Angels states away at Pullman Regional Hospital.

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