Daniella Clark

Harpist for Compassion

Daniella Clark, Ph.D., is a classically trained concert harpist who has been serving as a volunteer at Pullman Regional Hospital for more than six years. Daniella has a special place here at Pullman Regional Hospital.  It was after her own health had become a sudden issue, that she was motivated to start playing harp in Pullman's medical facilities, becoming our first music volunteer. Since that day, her commitment has never swayed, tenaciously encouraging and inspiring others to join the hospital's music program in an effort to bring comfort to patients and public alike. Her soothing music is well know beyond the hospital walls, in the community it has adorned the halls of more than 12 different health care and living facilities.

Pullman Regional Hospital is so fortunate to have Daniella’s gentle presence of respect and healing expressed through playing her harp for patients. She has touched countless people with her compassion. Here is what one person had to say about her family’s experience when a loved one passed away at Pullman Regional Hospital:

“Daniella played her harp in the room at the end of Jonny’s life. He grew very quiet and restful while she was playing. She actually was playing “Amazing Grace” when he died which was very moving. It’s such an amazing service that Pullman Regional Hospital offers to people.”  ~ LuAnn Nelson

In addition to her volunteer efforts, Daniella runs a non-profit called Concert Harpist for Compassion. You can read more about Concert Harpist for Compassion and Daniella’s personal journey through music, medicine and healing at  https://harpistforcompassion.org/.

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