The 2017 Annual Giving for Excellence Fund Drive supports Pullman Regional Hospital's highest needs, which includes the building expansion for Same-Day Services.


Project: Building on the 5-Star Experience
As our community thrives and grows, we are met with an opportunity to expand our hospital’s capacity for same-day services and provide the five-star Pullman Regional Hospital experience to a swiftly growing community of patients.
  • Demand for same-day services, procedures and outpatient medical care has doubled within the past ten years.
  • As a result, we must increase the number of same-day patient rooms (from our current 12 to a total of 22) to accommodate those who need infusions, transfusions, endoscopy, pain management, observation and radiology procedures requiring anesthesia.
  • We need to create additional space to enhance efficiency and movement for one of the busiest areas of patient care and allow for flexibility to serve each patient at an individualized level.
  • We need to have more space for current and new physicians to treat patients at our five-star hospital.
  • With the increased capacity to serve more same-day patients, the hospital could see a net increase revenue of $100,000 to $200,000 a year.

Pullman Regional Hospital will expand our capacity for same-day services, procedures and outpatient medical care by constructing a 10,000-square foot permanent building addition and purchasing the essential medical equipment to provide vital patient care. Additionally, surgical patients will have their pre-operative visit in this new facility.

This building expansion will work in concert with the Surgery Expansion Project which is slated for completion in the summer of 2017. The addition of a fourth operating room and upgrade to all operating suites with state-of-the-art surgical technology, will accommodate the 30% growth in surgical services and endoscopy services over ten years’ time, greatly enhancing our capacity to care for loved ones who require surgical intervention. 

Excellent patient care is Pullman Regional Hospital’s highest priority and this expansion of same-day services is currently a pressing medical need. It comes at a cost of approximately $3 million. To move forward, we require $3 million in funding through a portfolio of cash, financing, and—most importantly—philanthropy.

When you and your loved ones need it most, these enhancements in physical space and resources will empower our clinicians and staff to more effectively embody and carry out our mission: to nurture and facilitate a healthier quality of life for our community.


Project Update: FUNDED!

This project will devote more space and resources to one of the fastest growing areas of patient care.

It’s all possible because of you. Thank you for investing in the health and wellness of our community. Together, we are amplifying what science and medicine can do through the healing power of your generosity.


Give today to ensure quality healthcare for your family and generations of families to come.

Contact Stephanie Pierce at the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation to learn more about Annual Giving or make a gift online.

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