Washington State University/ Pullman Regional Hospital Working Partnerships

Pullman Regional Hospital is providing significant opportunities for WSU students and faculty in areas of research, hands on learning, and community engagement.


Whitman County Health Network

Created as part of a HRSA Network Development grant, the Whitman County Health Network (WCHN) represents the united voice of Whitman County constituencies in the development, coordination and delivery of health and human services. 

The vision of this organization is to:

  • Improve family and individual health and well-being,
  • Improve access to health and human services,
  • Reduce costs of current delivery processes and redirect savings toward targeted, strategic early intervention. 

Palouse Discovery Science Center

Pullman Regional Hospital Center for Learning & Innovation has partnered with Palouse Discovery Science Center to create 'EveryBODY Healthy,' an exhibit focused on health and wellness education.