Aging Mastery Program

AMP is all about feeling better today and staying healthy for the future. We believe that small steps can make a big difference in our health and well-being, and that even modest improvements can make life more fun and meaningful. It’s never too late to learn new skills and make changes.

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Brain Fitness Classes

Improve brain health and reduce the risk of dementia. We have partnered with Washington State University to offer group brain health interventions for middle-aged and older adults.

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Senior Social Walks

Just for the health of it! Interested seniors should be seeking to improve overall well-being, enhance social connections, and work towards improving physical stamina through walking. Join our hosted walks every Monday and Friday morning at Beasley Coliseum.

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Men's Biscuit & Gravy Breakfasts

The Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast series is a monthly gathering for community members hosted by a new facilitator each month. A new topic for conversation and ever present theme: Biscuits & Gravy: For the Health of It are key features of the experience. Hosts are experts in the topic area and will help to facilitate discussion. Attendees can count on enjoying a delicious biscuit and gravy breakfast at a 10% discount, engaging in lively discussion, and being able to ask questions of the host. Discussion topics will be announced prior to each session.

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