Asthma is a leading health issue for children and adults on the Palouse and can be caused by environmental or genetic factors. While there is no cure for asthma it can be managed through education and treatment. 

As part of its focus on women and children’s health, Pullman Regional Hospital is now offering a weekly outpatient Asthma Clinic for adults and pediatric patients with symptoms of asthma.  The Asthma Clinic is designed to be an extension of the primary care clinic, said Steve Dunning, RRT, Director of Respiratory Therapy at Pullman Regional Hospital.  “We are here to provide the focused education that physicians may not have time to do in the office,” he said.


Asthma services provided at Pullman Regional Hospital:

  • Determination of asthma level

  • Creation of treatment plan

  • Learning your triggers and when to seek medical care for asthma

  • Learning how to properly use equipment and administer medicine


The Asthma Clinic will be held weekly by appointment. Appointments will be for 30 minute and 1 hour times. Patients must be referred by a physician.