About the Center

The Pediatric Center of Excellence pairs the expertise of Pullman Regional Hospital’s clinicians and staff with the pediatric specialists at Palouse Pediatrics, family physicians at Palouse Medical and Pullman Family Medicine to provide enhanced, centralized pediatric hospital services. We are the only Center on the Palouse with care provided by pediatricians available 24 hours a day. This means when your child is in the hospital, an integrated pediatric care team trained in the skills of providing medical care to children will be working around the clock to ensure they receive the best care available. 

What makes a pediatrician different?

A board certified pediatrician is a physician who is specialty trained in the care of babies, children and adolescents. They graduate from medical school and then complete a three year residency in which they are trained solely in the care of children up to 18 years of age. This includes caring for children at birth as well as partnering with parents to care for their children, primarily in the clinic but also in hospital settings if needed.

What is a pediatrician's training?

All of the pediatricians at Palouse Pediatrics are board certified in Pediatrics and are Fellows in the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP). Board certification requires passing a written exam and puts them in the highest status of membership in the professional organization with a designation of FAAP. They must retake the written exam every 10 years and complete ongoing training and continuing education in pediatrics every year. 


Pediatric Services

  • Audiology – Palouse Audiology specializes in evaluating and treating children with hearing loss and related auditory problems by offering the only comprehensive audiological services on the Palouse.
  • Prenatal education classes – Our expert childbirth educators provide a variety of classes to get you prepared for the birth of your baby. 
  • Ready for Baby – One hour group appointment gives soon to be mothers an opportunity to meet our staff, complete paperwork and tour the BirthPlace. 
  • Caring for Baby – Free follow-up appointment after your discharge home by a BirthPlace nurse. 
  • Pediatric Therapy Team – A unique, collaborative team approach that combines occupational, speech-language, and physical therapy to meet each child’s specific therapy needs. 
  • Palouse Pediatrics – a partner with Pullman Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Center of Excellence.  
  • Palouse Medical– a partner with Pullman Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Center of Excellence. 
  • Pullman Family Medicine– a partner with Pullman Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Center of Excellence. 
  • Distraction Therapy– Distraction therapy is a way of helping a child cope with a painful or difficult procedure. The goal is to take the child’s mind off a procedure by concentrating on something else that is happening.  
  • Feeding Team for Children – This specialized team is here to help parents and children develop a plan to address all areas of growth, nutrition, oral motor development, physical and emotional health and wellness. 
  • Child Friendly Inpatient space – No child wants to be in the hospital so we transform our patient rooms to be kid friendly with wall stickers and fun artwork during their stay. 
  • Integrated Pediatric Care Team– A team of caregivers including nursing, anesthesia, pharmacy, laboratory, and respiratory therapy,  dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to pediatric patients on a hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency basis.