Aquatic therapy is effective in rehabilitation for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or specific bone or tissue injuries. The buoyancy of the water provides an unloading of the weight bearing joints of the spine, knee, and hips. It is also an effective exercise therapy for those who cannot tolerate weight bearing exercises.

HydroWorx Therapy Pool

Our new state-of-the-art HydroWorx750 therapy pool has a built in variable speed treadmill, adjustable water levels, a warm water environment and improved safety features including stairs with railings to enter and exit the pool for patients with mobility issues.

The underwater treadmill provides rehabilitation opportunities for almost any post- operative condition earlier than therapy programs utilizing a traditional treadmill. The treadmill simulates real walking in the safety of the water, benefitting patients with balance deficits, deconditioning and poor endurance. The treadmill can achieve up to 7.3 mph to provide advanced training for athletes and runners.

Benefits of the HydroWorx Therapy Pool

  • Patients can often begin therapy sooner than on land.
  • Promotes healing, increased blood flow and oxygen, and increases strength due to the water’s resistance.
  • Adjustable water levels allow patients to progress from non-weight bearing activities to specific levels of partial weight bearing.


Click here for a free on-demand HydroWorx webinar from our very own Tim Williams, Physical Therapist, and Ambyr Henderson, Speech Language Pathologist. In this webinar, Tim and Ambyr present an innovative co-treatment approach utilized within a therapy pool to enhance the outcomes of a child recovering from a brain tumor.

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