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Speech Sounds Visualized

The Center for Learning & Innovation has created the Speech Sounds Visualized app to show how English speech sounds are formed through unique x-ray videos and animation. In partnership with Pullman Regional Hospital Speech Language Pathologist, Keri Jones, this interactive teaching tool increases engagement and learning in speech therapy and education.

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Maternity Gown

Pullman Regional Hospital has patented a new hospital gown based on a prototype by Laurie Heimbigner, retired BirthPlace nurse. The two-piece garment provides modesty and comfort to mothers and promotes skin-to-skin contact. This unique design also allows for monitors to be placed and stay in place without an obtrusive process.

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Virtual Reality

The use of non-pharmacological distraction techniques has proven to effectively manage anxiety from stressful healthcare experiences, from blowing bubbles and reading books, to utilizing technology like iPads. Most recently, we began using Virtual Reality (VR) devices, thanks to the work of the Center for Learning & Innovation and grant funds from the Auxiliary.

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Motivational Interviewing-1

Motivational Interviewing

Pullman Regional Hospital continusously pursues improvements to the patient experience. Motivational Interviewing is one way we are looking to enhance interactions with your providers and improve health outcomes. Built on a relational foundation, Motivational Interviewing is an approach that is people-centered, collaborative, and focused on strengthening a patient's internal motivation and commitment to change. Through a federal HRSA grant, we are training clinical staff to utilize this innovative, research-based intervention.

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MARTTI Translation

When it comes to healthcare, communication is critical. We implemented a new on-demand, HIPAA-compliant interpretation service to help providers communicate effectively with patients who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have limited English proficiency. The new system serves as an interpreter on wheels, providing access to certified medical interpreters at the touch of a button.

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