Partners in Excellence

 We're proud to partner with Washington State University. Partners in Excellence is an enhanced partnership that brings together the resources of the hospital and a leading research university with a medical school to improve community health.

Specific areas of collaboration are:

  • Health & Wellness Support and Services -  A commitment to build healthier communities, including the WSU student population and an aging population in a rural area of the state. We're identifying opportunities to mobilize resources and share expertise in areas such as mental health, suicide prevention, violence prevention, and substance abuse.
  • Clinical Affiliation Agreements/Workforce Training -  We're continuing to collaborate by providing clinical training, unique to rural healthcare, and mentoring for students from all of Washington State's pre-health and health sciences programs. 
  • Human Resources/Employee Recruitment & Retention -  As  major employers in the region, we will work together to coordinate and promote employment opportunities including partner relocation support and professional development opportunities.
  • Advancement through Community and Alumni Engagement -  We will work with supporters of both organizations, including WSU Alumni, to facilitate fundraising efforts for healthcare projects. These opportunities include shared donor credit, co-branding, co-hosted events that support joint programs and activities, and marketing and communications efforts.
  • Innovation and the Future of Healthcare -  We are developing innovative ways to transform the delivery of patient care, educate future generations, and explore ways to advance cooperative projects and activities through the exchange of ideas and shared insights.


Rural Residency Program

At the heart of healthcare are family medicine physicians. These doctors provide  comprehensive health care through all stages of life, developing lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. There is a critical need for family medicine physicians nationwide. The state of Washington is no exception. In rural areas, such as eastern Washington, it’s one of the most difficult fields of medicine to recruit and retain physicians.

Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and Pullman Regional
Hospital have partnered to develop a solution by creating a Family Medicine Residency Program based in Pullman, WA.

Official Hospital of Washington State Athletics

In addition to our academic and clinical affiliations, we've also been designated as the Official Hospital of Washington State Athletics. That means we're the primary source of hospital services for WSU student athletes – to treat them and to keep them healthy. The Orthopedic Center of Excellence has a reputation as the regional hospital of choice for orthopedic procedures, and our skilled surgeons are recognized as top surgeons in their specialty.

Whitman County Health Network

Created as part of a HRSA Network Development grant, the Whitman County Health Network (WCHN) represents the united voice of Whitman County constituencies in the development, coordination and delivery of health and human services.

Explore the 2021-2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

The vision of this organization is to:

  • Improve family and individual health and well-being
  • Improve access to health and human services
  • Reduce costs of current delivery processes and redirect savings toward targeted, strategic early intervention