Girlfriends Gather Results:  

In case you missed it....the winner of the 3rd Annual Girlfriends Gather event was Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse. They will receive a check for $3,000 courtesy of the Women's Leadership Guild and our guests. Thank you for empowering women and children on the Palouse!


Empowering Women & Children

Since 2015, the Women’s Leadership Guild has been building a tribe of passionate, take-action, community-focused women who want to empower women and children to live better, healthier lives. Through membership contributions and networking events, the guild awards grants to regional non-profits who provide shelter to homeless families, food to children in need, care for the aging and disabled, and support to grieving and orphaned children. Join us! We want you to experience the joy of helping women and children. 


Women's Leadership Guild funds $20,000 in 2020-2021 grant awards!

Thanks to membership contributions and the power of philanthropy, four regional non-profits will receive a $5,000 grant to empower women and children through health and wellness programs:


Philanthropy at Work in Your Community

100% of your annual tax-deductible membership contribution of $1,000 supports women’s and children’s health:


Meaningful Membership Benefits

  • Experience the power of philanthropy—enhance women’s and children’s health
  • Select and award grants to improve the health of women and children on the Palouse
  • Stay up-to-date on current women’s and children’s health issues
  • Meet passionate, innovative and dedicated women community leaders
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Celebrate our success at an annual affair


Membership Experience

  • General Membership Meetings (4/year) provide a rich experience to all members through:
  1. Celebration of new members and recognition of current
  2. Educational presentations on critical and emerging needs related to regional women’s and children’s health
  3. Networking and social engagements in a casual, inclusive environment
  4. Review and award grants to local agencies aligned with guild core values
  • Hands-On Activities (2-3): visit and see first-hand how local agencies needing our support serve our community
  • Grant Award Celebration: celebrate the impact of awarded grants and learn about results


Membership Commitment

Flexible membership: 20 hours a year The Women’s Leadership Guild welcomes all women who want to make an impact through focused, collective philanthropy.

Join us, and experience the power of philanthropy.

Stephanie Pierce (509) 332-2044 at the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation to learn more. 


Help us build our grant award pool, and make a gift online today!


Our Members

  • Ashley Alred
  • Karlene Beaumont
  • Shelley Bennett
  • Verna Bergmann
  • Bernadette Berney
  • Laurie Caraher
  • Lynda Carey
  • Carol Chipman
  • Brenda Cleven
  • Carrie Coen
  • Karen Davis- Morris
  • Debi Dockins

  • Jean Druffel
  • Anna Engle
  • Jeannie Eylar
  • Angie Feuerstein
  • Ginger Flynn
  • Tricia Grantham
  • Vicki Jahns
  • Dustene Johnson
  • Karen Karpman
  • Lynn Kramer
  • Shileen Leinweber
  • Virginia Martinson
  • Sandy O'Keefe
  • Stacy Pearson
  • Kathleen Peringer
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Kris Prieur

  • Karly Port
  • Annette Rector
  • Marcia Saneholtz

  • Noel Schulz
  • Susie Skavdahl
  • Stacey Swift
  • Jennifer Thomas
  • Amy Tull
  • Barbara Wachter
  • Natalie Walsborn
  • Alison Weigley
  • Nicole Whitehead
  • Diane Whittick
  • Sandra Woodrow
  • Katie Wyngarden