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Design Thinking

Improving care through innovative solutions.

Education & Engagement

Empowering staff and the community through learning opportunities

Innovation Network

Bringing together people and resources to shape our strategy

Center for Learning & Innovation

Bold Visions & Big Ideas for the Future of Healthcare

Use the power of creativity and commitment to innovation to enable Pullman Regional Hospital to be a regional leader in healthcare, a model provider of continuous learning, and the standard in workforce development.

“There’s never been a better time to think about healthcare differently than now. Amidst the uncertainty, this is an exciting time, and the Center for Learning and Innovation is positioning Pullman Regional Hospital to thrive.”-Scott Adams, CEO

Goals & Areas of Focus to Maximize Impact
  • Provide active coordination of the Pullman Regional Hospital learning and innovation ecosystem
  • Direct community education and outreach efforts which result in improvements in the overall health of the region's population.
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships and collaborations which support innovation and learning activities.
  • Identify, organize, and/or sponsor key events to foster innovation and learning and provide venues for collaboration and partnership for our region
  • Selectively identify and conscientiously pursue new and/or improved services and products which support Pullman Regional Hospital's strategic priorities
  • Pursue grant funding opportunities that support learning and innovation

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Education & Engagement


Community health programming.


Come learn with us.

Support Groups

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Health Education Resources

Digital resources to support, educate, and inform you on your health journey.

Future Healthcare Professionals

Job shadow and volunteer opportunities for students.

Art & Healing

Projects and community engagement around art, health, and healing.


Meet the Staff


Becky Highfill

Director of the Center for Learning & Innovation

Becky Highfill is the Director of the Center for Learning & Innovation at Pullman Regional Hospital. Highfill will direct the activities of the Center for Learning & Innovation while continuing to administer the hospital’s grant program. The Center for Learning & Innovation was created to explore alternative models of care delivery, specifically to improve the patient experience, lower costs, and improve population health.

(509) 332-2033 | Becky.Highfill@pullmanregional.org



Noel Nicolai, PhD.

Healthier Communities Coordinator, Center for Learning & Innovation

Healthier Communities Coordinator for the Center for Learning & Innovation Dr. Nicolai coordinates community education and outreach programs for Pullman Regional Hospital as well as Telehealth/Telemedicine administration and oversight for the resource library. The Center for Learning and Innovation adds to her role by adding greater exposure to partnership opportunities, prevention and awareness programs and grant writing.

(509) 336-7404 | Noel.Nicolai@pullmanregional.org