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Inland Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinic

For services prior to September 18, 2023

Price Estimation Tool

We are committed to transparency and that means hospital pricing information. With our easy to use, online Price Estimation Tool, you can get a rough idea of your out-of-pocket costs for many of our most common services.  This can help you to plan before your treatment or procedure and concentrate on getting well. 

You will need to have your health insurance policy information in order to receive an accurate estimate for our services. Following a series of questions, you will receive a price estimate that you can print and bring with you to the hospital. 

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Financial Assistance Information

Providing health care to those who cannot afford to pay is part of our mission and state law requires hospitals to provide free and discounted care to eligible patients. You may qualify for free or discounted care based on family size and income, even if you have health insurance.

If you think you may have trouble paying for your health care, please talk with us. When possible, we encourage you to ask for financial help before receiving medical treatment.

What Is Covered? For emergency and other appropriate hospital-based services, we provide free care and financial assistance/charity care to eligible patients on a sliding fee scale basis, with discounts ranging from 25 to 100%. No patient eligible for financial assistance/charity care will be charged more than amounts generally billed to patients who have insurance.

How to Apply: Any patient may apply to receive financial assistance/charity care by submitting an application and providing supporting documentation. The application can be downloaded by clicking on the links to the right of this page. If you have questions or need help, please contact us:

  • When you are checking in or checking out of the hospital
  • By telephone: (509) 332-1163
  • In person: 840 SE Bishop BLVD Suite 100 Pullman, Washington 99163
  • To obtain documents via mail free of charge: Contact Patient Financial Services at 509-332-1163 or via Email at

If English is not your first language: Spanish translated versions of the application form and this summary are available upon request.


Other Assistance:

You may be eligible for other government and community programs. We can help you learn whether these programs (including Medicaid/Apple Health and Veterans Affairs benefits) can help cover your medical bills. We can help you apply for these programs.

Any balance for amounts owed by you is due within 30 days. The balance can be paid in any of the following ways: credit card, payment plan, cash, check, or online bill pay. If you need a payment plan, please call the number on your billing statement.

We have a dedicated emergency department to provide care for emergency medical conditions (as defined by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act) without discrimination consistent with available capabilities, without regard to whether or not a patient has the ability to pay or is eligible for financial assistance.  

Provider-Based, Critical Access Hospital Facility Billing Information

We’re a Provider-Based, Critical Access Hospital Facility, and this means you may receive two bills or two separate charges for your visit to one of our clinics. This may result in a higher co-insurance and out-of-pocket expense.

What is a Provider-Based Clinic?

Provider-Based is a term used to refer to a Medicare billing status for services provided in a clinic or department that is owned or operated by the hospital and considered part of the hospital.  This is a nationally recognized billing model and is governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS].

How does a bill from a Provider-Based Clinic differ from a clinic that is not Provider-Based?

The main difference is that under a “Provider-Based” designated clinic, the professional charges and the facility charges must be split out into different line items and may even be on separate claim forms to your insurance.

Do all insurance companies follow provider-based billing [PBB] standards?

Provider-Based status is a CMS billing status. Not all insurance plans follow PBB rules. Insurance plans that are governed by CMS or follow CMS guidelines for claim processing, will process claims according to PBB rules.

What Pullman Regional Hospital Clinics are Provider-Based?

Family Medicine Residency Center

Inland Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinic

Palouse Heart Center

Palouse Psychiatry & Behavioral Health

Palouse Sleep Medicine

Palouse Urology Center

Pullman Foot & Ankle

Pullman Surgical Associates

Summit Therapy & Health Services

Where can I go if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Patient Financial Services at 509-332-1163.  You can also contact Medicare or your insurance plan for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the hospital offer payment plans?
We are committed to your health and well-being. We want to make sure you are able to receive the care you need, when you need it – without financial concerns standing in your way. That’s why we provide affordable financing options for eligible patients. Call (509) 332-1163 for information on payment plans.
Where do I go for billing questions?
We want your experience with us to be as easy and comfortable as possible, and financial services is no different. If you have billing or financing questions, Patient Financial Services can be reached at (509) 332-1163 or by email: If you would prefer to speak with someone in person, visit us at our Patient Financial Services office.
Can I apply for financial assistance?
You can talk to someone in person at our Patient Financial Services offices Monday through Friday 8-4:30. Pullman Regional Hospital Patient Financial Services is located in the Corporate Pointe building at 840 SE Bishop Boulevard, Suite 100, just across the street from the main entrance of the hospital. Or, you can call (509) 332-1163. You can also contact out Financial Counselor, Carol Carney, at (509) 336-7466
Why am I receiving bills from other organizations?

You may receive billing statements from other entities such as Inland Imaging,  Medac, City of Pullman Ambulance, or your doctor’s office that are a result of your visit to our hospital.  These providers have their own billing and accounting procedures.  If you receive a bill from them and have questions, please contact them directly.

Why do I have more than one bill from Pullman Regional Hospital?
We use encounter-based billing to help expedite the billing process. That means if you are at the hospital for an outpatient procedure, then come back after a week for another service, you will have two encounters resulting in two accounts. 
Why did my insurance send me two EOBs?
For certain services, like the emergency department, we must bill your insurance on a hospital claim for facility services and a doctor claim for the physician who evaluated and treated you, resulting in two claims and two subsequent Explanations of your Benefits.