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COVID-19 Vaccine at Pullman Regional Hospital

Along with other medical groups in the community, Pullman Regional Hospital is participating in the state's program to secure and distribute COVID-19 vaccines. We started receiving shipments of the vaccine in mid-December and began administering to our staff on December 18th.  We expect that we will be a distribution point for vaccine to the community at a later date.  Whitman County Public Health is working closely with the state in the acquisition, transport, storage and distribution of the vaccine to the Pullman community and surrounding areas.  Many logistics are still being worked out at the state-wide level.  We will provide updates once we know more. 

We will be using an online tool called Phase Finder, which will allow individuals to assess their eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine and get registered. This will launch broadly on January 18th. Phase finder will be available in multiple languages and can be used to provide eligibility confirmation on site. 

Go to findyourphasewa.org, answer basic questions about yourself, fill out some contact information (which will remain private), and the DOH will text or email you when you can get the vaccine.


Covid-19 Vaccine Q&A

The questions below are related to the COVID-19 vaccine at Pullman Regional Hospital. For a detailed FAQ about the COVID-19 vaccine in general, please visit this page from the Washington State Department of Health.

For additional information, please email covidvaccine@pullmanregional.org or call (509) 336-7722.


We received our first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine on December 17th and started vaccinating our first round of 1A employees on December 18th.

We are following CDC guidelines and administering the COVID-19 vaccine to identified 1A staff at the hospital (patient-facing, clinical staff) first. The CDC recommends a staggered schedule, allowing for a day off after administration of the second dose, for possible side effects. We are following this staggered approach to minimize the potential impact on staffing. We are following CDC guidelines for the second dose (19-23 days).

This is not known at this time but we will keep you updated as soon as this is clear. Those who fall under the Phase 1A category consisting of health care workers and residents and staff of nursing homes will be vaccinated first. The state requires that all Phase 1A workers throughout Washington must be vaccinated before moving to the next phase.

No, it is not mandatory but we are strongly encouraging employees to get the vaccine for their own protection and safety as well as those of their co-workers and patients.

We are participating in the Washington state Department of Health’s vaccine distribution program and expect to eventually become a site for the public once it becomes available to the larger community.


COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Resources