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The Auxiliary is looking for new members! Join the Auxiliary to be part of a community dedicated to supporting patient comfort and healing needs at Pullman Regional Hospital. Through annual fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, and operating Diane’s Gift Garden, the Auxiliary is able to make annual financial contributions to the hospital for the purchase of patient care items. Join today to start making a difference in your community!

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Diane's Gift Garden - Use your excellent people skills to volunteer in Diane's Gift Garden to help hospital visitors find the perfect cards and gifts for patients and staff. Gift Garden volunteers must also be on record with the hospital as a Community Volunteer.
  • Have-a-Heart - Participate in the annual Valentine's Day fundraiser by collecting, assembling, and delivering orders of chocolate, cookies, balloons and stuffed animals.
  • Christmas Tree Raffle - Help the committee recruit individuals and businesses to decorate a table-top tree to be raffled during the Christmas season. Your duties may include delivering the undecorated trees, picking up the decorated trees, and transporting them to the hospital and to the Holiday Tea for the raffle.
  • Holiday Tea - In December, Auxiliary members, their friends and community members are invited to this traditional High Tea. Volunteers assist in baking, serving and/or hosting a table.
  • Special Events - The Auxiliary is often involved in various community events. As an event volunteer, you would help set up, decorate, and staff event booths.




We Make a Significant Impact on Patient Care

This year, 15 grants were awarded totaling nearly $20,000! The auxiliary has generously funded requests since 1968, bringing their total funding to more than $700,000!

Congratulations to this year’s grant recipients:

  • BirthPlace- Sleep Sacks
  • BirthPlace- Toiletries
  • Care Coordination- End of Life comfort care items
  • Care Coordination- Backpacks of info/supplies for newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetics
  • Emergency Department- Play Station, TV and Virtual Reality Set for patient distraction therapy
  • MSU/ICU- 2 iPads for patient education and distraction therapy
  • MSU/ICU- 6 Video Monitors for Patient Rooms
  • MSU/ICU- Pediatric Play Cart Restock
  • MSU/ICU- Ostomy Model
  • Infection Prevention- Sanitation Station
  • Same Day Services- Procedural Sedation Certification for 21 RNs
  • Summit Therapy- Pediatric Swing
  • Summit Therapy- Outdoor Seating
  • Volunteer Services- Rice Bag Materials
  • All Departments- Stuffed Animals for Pediatric Patients

Your support of Diane’s Gift Garden, Have-a-Heart, the Christmas Tree Raffle and becoming a member of the auxiliary made these grants possible. Thank YOU for your continued support and thank you to our auxilians that do such a great job with their funds!



Auxiliary Member Spotlights

Sharon Hall

Sharon Hall

Auxiliary Board President

Sharon is an active volunteer in many ways in the hospital and community.  As a member of the Auxiliary board, Sharon assists in planning and executing a variety of Auxiliary projects which raise funds for patient care items within the hospital. Sharon works countless shifts in Diane’s Gift Garden and is always available to help with special projects.

Nikki Nolt Image

Nikki Nolt

2020 Auxilian of the year

Nikki, the hospital's Volunteer Coordinator, has been a key member of the Auxiliary since her first day as a hospital employee. Nikki helps engage more than 100 volunteers through meaningful roles at the hospital and serves as a liaison with the Auxiliary. Through her leadership, membership has grown and so have the opportunities to serve the hospital.


Malinda Jenkins

2019 Auxilian of the Year

As the hospital's Gift Garden Manager, Malinda has helped the gift shop thrive by offering wonderful treasures and establishing it as the place for See's Candy. Sales contribute to the Auxiliary's mission to support patient comfort care and healing at the hospital, and this funding has increased through Malinda's efforts.

Square Sharon

Sharon Adams

2018 Auxilian of the Year

Sharon Adams, winner of the 2018 Auxilian of the Year award, has worked as the treasurer for Diane's Gift Garden since 2011, and assists with the Have-a-Heart fundraiser year after year. Her family of 5 children and 8 grand children keep her busy, but in her spare time she is active in a bowling league, on call to help at offices in the Pullman School District, or helping children cross the street after school on Pioneer Hill.   

Kathy Hulbert-2

Kathy Hulbert

Auxiliary Member

Kathy is the buyer for Diane’s Gift Garden. She puts in countless hours searching for inventory that everyone throughout the hospital will love and purchase to help support the Auxiliary’s fundraising efforts. Because of her efforts sales nearly doubled in 2017. Her gift of time doesn’t stop there, she also comes in and helps price the inventory, displays products and fills in shifts in the shop when needed. I know many of her hours go undocumented while working from home, but the hours that we do catch totaled over 500 for 2017!

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