Help Us Continue a Legacy of Providing Exceptional Care

In 2014, Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation launched a $10 million Endowment for Quality & Access campaign, as a first step towards a long-term goal to fund a $75 million endowment to provide annual earnings in support of ongoing access to quality medical services in this region--a hospital commitment through the Community Health 2020 vision.

In 2022, the fund was renamed the Scott K. Adams Endowment for Quality & Access to honor Scott Adams' 30 years of service to Pullman Regional Hospital. 


Why an Endowment?

People often wonder why the hospital needs more funding. We have a beautiful facility, an amazing staff, and provide a five-star rated experience to our patients. Additionally, taxes, insurance premiums and medical bills are on the rise.

The simple answer is that ongoing threats to our current funding sources, along with the dynamics of healthcare reform, jeopardize our ability to support the services our community has come to expect.  Consistent with our history as an organization, we are choosing to partner with the region to provide new pathways for funding that are not dependent on government decisions, healthcare reform or mega-hospital healthcare systems.

In our commitment to assuring the community has access to quality medical care, Pullman Regional Hospital supports services and programs that are not fully paid for by the operations of the hospital. It is these areas the Endowment helps fund. Click on each to learn more.

  1. 24/7 Access to Specialty Care
  2. Recruitment and Retention of Physicians
  3. Five Star Hospital Experience


Supporting Pullman Hospital--Leadership Gifts:

Pullman Family Medicine: In 2014, Pullman Family Medicine generously pledged $100,000 to the Endowment for Quality and Access campaign. "As a group, we felt it was important to support Pullman Regional Hospital and the community." Said Dr. Benjamin Adkins. "We hope other physician groups will do the same."

Norm and Jessie Druffel Family Endowment: As long-time hospital supporters, the Druffel Family is dedicated to retaining and recruiting physicians in our community. To honor Norm and Jessie Druffel, the family established an Endowment to help support local orthopedic excellence.

Joe and Tamira Pitzer Legacy Gift: “Pullman Regional Hospital is unique,” says Tami. “The staff, the physicians—they care. They are talented and skilled; they truly take the time with their patients so you never feel rushed.” “There are many ways to give back to your community,” encourages Joe. “It’s all about taking care of people who take care of you.”


Why We Support The Endowment:

“I believe that each of us has a responsibility to help achieve this, and I feel strongly that this is my chance to give back to a community that has been so good to me and my family.” – Carol Chipman

“It’s extremely important the community has excellent healthcare. The hospital needs an endowment to provide sustained funding, and the Endowment for Quality and Access will do that.” –Dr. Ken Gibson

“We must work vigorously toward safeguarding important services and programs as government and insurance payments decline. Using the power and creativity of innovation, we have the opportunity to develop partnerships and seek collaborative alliances that improve our capacity to better serve our community.” – Tricia Grantham, Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners President