Gifts of Grain

Gifts of Grain is a program in which grain or other commodity crops are gifted to benefit Pullman Regional Hospital's highest needs. Your gift through the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation supports:

  • Medical equipment, space and technology
  • Recruiting, retaining and training physicians
  • Women’s and children’s health and wellness
  • Regional High School Athletic Training Program
  • Innovation in healthcare

Through a gift of grain, you can maximize your tax benefits and support Pullman Regional Hospital.

In four steps, you can make your gift of grain today.

1.  If there is not already an account established, ask your elevator or co-op to create an account in the name of: 

Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation 840 SE Bishop Blvd. Suite 200 Pullman, WA 99163 Phone: 509-332-2046 Fax: 509-332-2111 Email:

2.  Transfer or deposit grain to this account where PRH Foundation is shown on the warehouse receipt as owner of the grain. If the gift of grain is stored somewhere other than a warehouse or cooperative (on the farm storage), a notarized letter of transfer can be used instead of a warehouse receipt.

3.  Inform the PRH Foundation which program you would like your gift to benefit at PRH.

4.  The PRH Foundation will direct the local elevator to sell the grain on behalf of the PRH Foundation and send a check with the original warehouse and sales invoice along with the payment. The elevator will send PRH Foundation your name and contact information. Those funds will be transferred to the account benefitting your fund of choice.

We’d be happy to answer your questions or discuss the benefits of this program with you. Please call the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation office at (509) 332-2046.