Here for you 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year

From sore throats to life-threatening heart attacks, our emergency staff is here for you. 

If you have an emergency:

call 9-1-1 

To reach our Emergency Department: 

(509) 336-7359


Centered on Excellence

When you or your loved one has an emergency medical problem, our doctors and nurses will care for you, stabilize your emergency condition and help get you back on track to health. When you come to our emergency department, you will see a physician who is Board Certified, or Board eligible, as a Specialist in Emergency Medicine. You will be looked after by nurses who have dedicated their careers to the care of patients with emergent healthcare needs.


Centered on Quality Care

We are responsible for high-quality and safe service around the clock. Most patients admitted to Pullman Regional Hospital begin their care in our department. When it is necessary for transfer to a larger regional hospital, we communicate with the appropriate specialist and arrange for that transfer. We consult with both local and telemedicine on-call physician specialists and work closely with other area partners including Emergency Medicine Services. We continuously evaluate and improve our processes, equipment and training to provide optimal unscheduled care for the community.

"Every person, from the front desk clerk, the nurses, and the doctors, treated my dad respectfully and with the utmost care. We received the BEST care possible. Excellent ER team!" - ED Patient


A New Blueprint for SAFETY

Pullman Regional Hospital remodeled 4,300 square feet of its Emergency Department to further enhance medication safety. Specifically, the redesign reduces traffic and interruptions in key areas of the Emergency Department where physicians review records and enter orders in to a computer system. A similar space where nurses prepare medications was created to minimize interruptions. Relocating these patient care functions reduces distractions and interruptions and compliments Pullman Regional Hospital’s high standard of safety by removing opportunities for medication errors.

Emergency Department staff used data collected by University of Idaho students to determine the significance of the physical location of crucial functions such as entering orders and medication preparation. Emergency departments are high-traffic, high-risk patient care areas involving complicated tasks. Over the past 10 years, the annual volume of patients in Pullman Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department has doubled. More than 17,000 medications are administered each year in Pullman Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Pullman Regional Hospital has enacted other important measures to improve medication safety. These include initiation of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), use of a bar code system prior to administering medications and developing a space and plan which allows full attention of nurses and physicians when processing and ordering medications. This concept of uninterrupted space is referred to as a sterile cockpit, it is borrowed from the Aviation Industry and the concept that pilots' complete focus is on the task of take-off and landing of the plane when under 10,000 feet.

Emergency Department Enhancements:
  • New space where nurses prepare medications with minimal interruptions
  • New space for physicians to enter electronic orders in to computer with minimal interruptions
  • New family consultation room
  • New flooring
  • Improved Travel Clinic space
  • Additional storage and room for Emergency Medicine Technicians

The Emergency Department remodel is made possible through the generosity of Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation.