If you have been sexually assaulted or raped, you have experienced a serious personal trauma. You do not have to cope alone. We are here to support you. We have a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) available to provide forensic (evidence gathering) medical examinations for victims of sexual assault. Victims have the right to crisis intervention, counseling, support groups, medical care, and legal services, regardless of whether it is reported to law enforcement.

If you have an emergency: call 9-1-1

To reach our Emergency Department: (509) 336-7359

What should I do if I am sexually assaulted?

Call 911 or go the nearest emergency department right away. Do not destroy the evidence of a sexual assault:

  • Do not wash yourself, brush your teeth, or rinse your mouth
  • Do not wash any wounds
  • Do not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom
  • Do not change your clothes


What should I expect?

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner can evaluate a victim whose assault has occurred within 96 hours (4 days).

During a sexual assault exam, we will:

  • Identify and care for injuries
  • Collect physical evidence
  • Collect photos of injuries if needed
  • Assess risk of sexually transmitted diseases and give preventative treatment
  • Assess risk of pregnancy and present emergency prevention options
  • Give crisis information and referral to support services
  • Provide referrals for appropriate medical follow up

Learn more about the exam process.


Who is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner?

A sexual assault nurse examiner is a registered nurse with special education and training surrounding the care of people who have experienced sexual and family violence. The nurse offers information and support needed to make personal choices about healthcare following rape, sexual assault or family violence. 

Throughout the process, you will be told exactly what will be done and why. All of your information will be kept private. During your exam, you can ask questions or refuse any part of the process. You can ask to have someone with you, including a friend, family member or other medical advocate.