Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field rather than x-rays to provide remarkably clear and detailed pictures of internal organs and tissues. The technique has proven very valuable for the diagnosis of a broad range of conditions in all parts of the body, including cancer, heart and vascular disease, stroke, and joint and musculoskeletal disorders. MRI requires specialized equipment and expertise and allows evaluation of some body structures that may not be as visible with other imaging methods.

Due to the clarity of the MRI images of soft-tissue structures near and around bones, it is the most sensitive exam for spinal and joint problems. MRI is widely used to diagnose sports-related injuries, especially those affecting the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, and wrist. The images allow the physician to see even very small tears and injuries to ligaments and muscles. MRI is also used to help better evaluate breast and prostate cancer. 


Investing in Our Patients

In August 2021, we upgraded our MRI machine to provide our patients the latest in MRI technology. Improved capabilities, combined with the skill and dedication of the only three MRI technologists who take call in the area, mean stellar images and customer service that goes above and beyond. We offer true match technology for knee replacement patients for customized joint construction. We only use board certified and American College of Radiology certified radiologists to interpret images. 

Our new machine, the Optima MR450w with GEM suite and AIR Recon technology:

  • offers the highest quality of imaging in less time
  • has a 500 pound patient capacity
  • is capable of head first and feet first scanning
  • has a more spacious and comfortable platform (15% wider than previous models)