What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine uses a small amount of radioactive material introduced into the body by injection, inhalation or swallowing. This radioactive material is often referred to as a tracer. A tracer is attracted to specific organs or pathology in the body. A special camera called a gamma camera is used to follow the tracer through the body.

Pullman Regional Hospital's Nuclear Medicine department offers the latest imaging technologies for inpatient and outpatient procedures. The Nuclear Medicine team is comprised of highly specialized technologists and physicians that utilize the newest technologies in SPECT/CT with precise processing for the most accurate results.


What makes Pullman Regional Hospital different?

While nuclear medicine technology is common in hospitals, our machine is equipped with the latest technology consisting of a hybrid system, which allows for nuclear medicine scans to be superimposed on a CT scan. This image overlay allows us to pinpoint the exact location of pathology. This gives a more accurate diagnosis than conventional nuclear medicine systems.

Our Nuclear Medicine department is proud to be an accredited facility of the American College or Radiology (ACR). Earning this designation means:

  • We voluntarily went through a rigorous review process to ensure we meet nationally accepted standards and guidelines.
  • Our staff is qualified through education and certification, to perform and interpret your exams.
  • Our equipment exceeds the standards for the test you will receive.
  • Our facility meets or exceeds quality assurance and safety guidelines set by the ACR.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is nuclear medicine safe? The amount of radiation is comparable to a diagnostic x-ray. It is important to consider the potential benefits to the Nuclear Medicine exam related to the risk of a small dose of radiation.

How long will my exam take? Typically you can plan on being in our department for 1-2 hours. Please see the detailed exam list for more information on your particular exam.

What can I bring to my appointment?

  • If your doctor gave you an order for your examination, please bring it with you. 
  • A current list of all the medications you take is very helpful.
  • Please feel free to bring your IPOD or MP3 player with headphones

What should I wear to my exam? Please wear comfortable clothing. Most exams do not require you to change, but we usually start an IV, so easy access to your arms/hands is something to keep in mind.