Pediatric Care Coordination at Pullman Regional Hospital

With more than 2,700 pediatric cases per year, we know how important it is to make the healthcare experience as seamless and comfortable as possible for kids and their families. Our Pediatric Center of Excellence is unique in that we have a designated Nurse Pediatric Care Coordinator to help manage appointments, assist with treatments, and make sure parents feel empowered as part of the care team.

Catherine Wilkins, Board Certified Pediatric Nurse, serves as the Pediatric Care Coordinatorat Pullman Regional Hospital. As Pediatric Care Coordinator, Catherine is the "go-to" nurse for all pediatric issues or concerns, assisting physicians, clinical staff, and families when extra support is needed. Whether a child has a chronic illness requiring multiple hospital visits, or anxiety about a routine blood draw, Catherine can help make the experience as positive as possible.


Helping Children, Families, and Providers

  • Children - Reducing pediatric pain and anxiety during stressful or painful experiences encountered with medical care is a top priority. The use of distraction techniques has proven to effectively manage these experiences, significantly improve the outcome of the situation for both the patient and provider, and reduce anxiety for future medical experiences. We utilize a variety of distraction techniques such as blowing bubbles, reading books, playing with toys, singing, playing interactive games on an iPad, and most recently, the use of Virtual Reality (VR). Research has shown that the use of VR for pediatric distraction is highly effective and is unique from other forms of distraction as it simultaneously engages different senses. By immersion in the VR "world" the patient is removed from the sights and sounds of the medical environment and can effectively "escape".
  • Families - When a child is sick or injured, the last thing parents want to have to worry about is navigating a complex healthcare system or trying to figure out the best course of action on their own. Our Pediatric Care Coordinator is available to help you manage appointments, ease anxiety about treatment options, and answer any questions you have along the way.
  • Providers - The Pediatric Care Coordinator is a specialized nurse who provides support to physicians and clinical staff by being an adjunct and liaison to children and their families. This is offered through research and presentations on current pediatric trends, staff education and training to ensure we are in line with optimal pediatric care, and coordination of pediatric procedures. The Pediatric Care Coordinator makes the hospital experience as seamless as possible so providers can focus on treating the case at hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone with children utilize the Pediatric Care Coordinator? 

Yes! There are no restrictions to utilizing the Pediatric Care Coordinator. Whether your child has a chronic illness or a routine hospital visit, we can help.

Does this service cost extra?

No, this service is complimentary for any families who desire additional support.

How do I get in contact with the Pediatric Care Coordinator?

To contact Catherine, please call (509) 336-7551 or click here to send an email.