4H P.A.R.T. SciBorgs

Robert and Lillian Ackerman

J & C Adam

Patrick Adam

Dr. Betty Adams

Jacob and Danielle Adams

Scott and Sharon Adams

Zachary Scott Adams

AGP Wealth Advisors

Aubrey Aguilar

AIG Retirement Services

Robert and Carolyn Allan

J Richard Alldredge

Allegra Printing & Design

Deb Allen

Debra A. Allen

Thom and Kris Allen

Matt Almond

Darren and Ashley Alred


Fran and Tina Amend

Jennifer Anderson


Kay and Doug Anyan


Norm Apperson

Earl and Barbara Aston

Avista Foundation

Linda Bailey

Mark Bailey

Lee and Maxine Bamesberger

Banner Bank

Dave Barber

Scott Barrie

George and Sue Barrington

Barbara Barstow

Tatiana Bartlett

Donald and Barbie Barton


ToniJo Batterton

Tony and Tracie Bean

Craig and Karlene Beaumont


Grace Bell

Diane Bender

Francis and Heidi Benjamin

Joel Benjamin

Shelley Bennett

Teresa Benscoter and Martha Benscoter

Jim and Betty Benson

Dr. Stephen and Verna Bergmann

Mike and Bernadette Berney

Richard and Pam Berry

Gerald and Mary Berthiaume

Josephine E. Berthiaume

Pennelope and Liz Bettas

David and Patricia Bezdicek


Michael and Justina Blackburn

Joseph and Rose Blake

Nicole Blaker

Dean Bloomfield

Gary and Karen Bloomfield

Karl and MaryAnn Boehmke

Robert and Virgina Boettcher

Mike and Dede Boone

Leanne Borgen

Anjan and Francy Bose

Santanu and Rumu Bose

Mark and Charlotte Bosold

Nancy and Ned Bowman

Dr. Lennis Boyer and Richard Watts

Patricia Boynton

Robert Boynton

Pam Lynn Bradetich


Mike Branning

Swartz and Darlene Brantner

Alberta L. Brassfield

Kristine Brenc

Mary Brentlinger

Peter Brevick

Ellen Brewer

John T. Brewer

Thomas and Marilyn Brigham

Mellowdee Brooks

Constance Brown

Gordon Brown

Kelly and Kathleen Brown

Kirby Brown

Melinda Brown

Michael Bryant

Shelley Bull

Brandon and Marilyn Burch

Anke and Dieter Burger

Walt and Elinor Butcher

Charles K. Butts

David Wherry and Sharon Cabeen

Drs. Richard Caggiano and Karen Karpman

Douglas Call and Nina Woodford

Matt Caples

Pat and Laurie Caraher

Matt and Lynda Carey

BJ Carlson

Helen O. Carlson, DO

Patricia Carlson

Carol Carney

Ken Carper

Jaxson Carson

Cynthia Carver

Josh and Cindy Carver

Bryan Carzoli

Casavant and Kosh Family

Kenneth and Dorothy Casavant

Paul Casey

Anne Cassidy

Linda Chalich

Mitch and Mary Jo Chandler

Kevin Chang

John and Linda Chaplin

Matt Chazanow

Jerry and Janice Chenette

Gail Chermak

Carol Chipman

Chipman & Taylor Chevrolet

Matt Chisholm

Cindy Chittenden

Rock and Becca Christeson

Dave and Denise Christy

Pat and Natalie Chun

Joe Cinotto

Jonathan and Cheryl Clancy

D Girard Clark, Jr.

Dr. James and Bridget Clark

Steven Clark

William and Stephanie Clark

Ryan Clements

Brenda R. Cleven

Gordon and Brenda Cockrum

Charles and Carrie Coen

William and Elizabeth Cofer

Coffey Communications, Inc.

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson

Mary Cole

College Hill Custom Threads

Colton Wildcat Booster Club

Columbia Bank

Greg and Virginia Colvig


Michael Connell and Colleen Welter

Brad and Linda Cook

Philip and Kim Cook

David and Betty Harlan Coon

Howard and Martha Copp

Lisa Cordodor

Joanna and Omar Cornejo Kelley

Diane Cornelius


Courtyard by Marriott

Douglas Cox

Clarice Coyne

Jill Creighton

Clayton and Jeannette Crowe

Sharon Curtis

Carol Dahl

Joanne Dahmen

Roger and Jacqueline Daisley

Lois D'Aleo

Kerry Darnall

Lynda Darnell

Dr. Dan and Pamela David

David Christy Insurance Agency, Inc.

Frances Davies

Jacob and Nicole Davis

Kelly Davis

Rex and Alice Davis

Tim Davis

Danielle Davis-Sandler

Bruce and Christine Davitt

Donna Deerkop

Wendy Delzer

Jason Denning

Anna Dennison

Brian Dentler and Cheryl Rajcich

Design West Architects

Rosalie Devlin

Andrew Devlin and Family

Sam Dial

Elizabeth A. Dickerson

Gary and Jennifer Dickerson

Donald and Joye Dillman

Dingus, Zarecor & Associates

Nancy Dionne

Scott and Debi Dockins

Richard Domey and Diane Gillespie

Jack Domit and Merry M. Lew

Jun-Qing Dong

Kathy Dorgan

Patrick and Trisha Doumit

Heath and Leslie Druffel

Jean Druffel

Ken and Cheryl Druffel

Kurt and Sarah Druffel

Mary Druffel

Patty Druffel

Wayne and Karna Druffel

Kenneth and Sandra Duft

Chandra Dunker

Melinda Dutton

Mary Dye

Ken Dzuck

Dr. Gerald Early

Tracy Echanove-Richards

TLC Animal Care

Carol Elbracht

Jeff and Jill Elbracht

Michelle Ellinwood

Lee Elwood

Crista Emerson

Joan Emerson

Empire Health Foundation

Richard Emtman, MD and Kathleen Emtman

Christopher and Anna Engle

Doug and Renee Engle

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Burt and Sandra Epstein

Alicia Ery

Armondo Escareno

Jim Esserman

Stanley Evans

Jackie Eveland

Greg and Jeannie Eylar

Paula R. Farley

Steve and Meridee Febus

Devon and Deb Felsted

Annie Feuerstein

Jeff and Angie Feuerstein

Ed Field

Sandra Field

Jerry and Donna Finch

Rick and Kristin Finch

Chris and Karen Fischer


Tim and Linda Fisher

Andrew and Alison Flabetich

Dan and Debbie Flanagan

Mildred Flood

Floyd & Anita Hamstrom Family Foundation at Innovia Fndn.

Scott Hodge and Ginger Flynn

Ryan and Shannon Focht

Raymond and Joan Folwell

Joseph Ford and Margaret Paden

Pete Forsyth and Kathryn Genteman

Katie Forsythe

Lawrence and Shelley Fox

Albert and Joan Frakes


Edwin A. Fraser

Zachary and Michelle Fredrickson

Lacey Frei

Tyler Frei

Jill Freuden

Wallis and Sue Friel

Friends of Hospice

Richard and Marilyn Fry

Jack and Linda Fulfs

Dean and Ruth Funabiki

Thomas L. Gamble and Karen A. Koehler

Glenn Gannon

Bill and Felicia Gaskins

Jean-Marc and Hillary Gauthier

Dr. Karen Geheb and Michael Harris

Rod Geigle

Virginia Gelczis

Robert and Caroline Germain

Gary Gersten

Dr. Kenneth Gibson

Shirley and Robert Giden

Gifts on Grand

Jami Gilkey

Will Gillespie

Jack and Bev Glass

The Gneiting Family

Jeffrey Goesling

Meg Gollnick

William Gonnello

Mary Jo Gonzales

Good Deeds Mortgage


Grace Broadcast Sales

Russell and Kathy Graham

JoAnn Grainger

Walter and Patricia Grantham

Tyne Gray

Walter and Orbie Gray

Brian Green

Robert and Patricia Greenberg

Jon Greene

Patti Green-Kent

Jen Greeny

Jennifer Griffin


Kathleen Groseclose

Krista Gross

Larry and Kate Gross

Charles and Barbara Grutzmacher

Lucille Guettinger

Kimberly Guida, M.D. and William Brock

Jeff Kimberling and Megan Guido

David and Peg Gunderson

Carl and F. Charlene Gustafson

Leah Haak Beck

Jennifer Hackman

Dr. Stephen and Sharon Hall

Glenda Hall

Jeff and Jessi Hall

Patricia Halvorson

Lynda Hamilton

Barbara and Alexander Hammond

Wade and Linda Hampton

David and Jenny Harder


Merle Harlow Family

Jerry and Rosalie Harms

Ed and Toni Harrich

Dr. Brenna and Jay Harris

John Hart and Shanna Hiscock

Randy Hartig

Gerald Hartman

Bob and Colleen Harvey

Linda Hastings

Dennis Hatley

The Hauser Family Charitable Fund

Kathy Hawbaker

Tarun Hazari

Dr. Kyle and Carolyn Hazelwood

Bruce and Laurellee Heimbigner

Jerry and Holly Hein

Rick and Debbie Heitstuman

Tom and Jeannie Heitstuman

Drs. Kevin and Sunday Henry

Gerald and Kathleen Henson

Shirlee Hepperle

Mark and Franceen Hermanson

Mr. Wendell Herrett and Mrs. Thursa Herrett

Lonna Limburg Heuett

Michael and Becky Highfill

Donna Hildebrand

Cheryl Hill

Herbert and Jannette Hill


Charles and Sue Hilliard

Elizabeth Lerandeau-Hillman

Ray Hillman

Joseph and Sharon Hindman

Herb and Marcia

Mike and Sue Hinz

Jodi Hoatson

Douglas and Judith Hobart

John and Elizabeth Hobbs

Roxanne Hodges

Jesse and Stefany Holcomb

Linda Holder

The Holder Family

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites

Cheryl Holman

Robert and Ruth Holmes

Larry D. Hood

Marian Hood

Ernie Housel

Andrew and Andrea Howell

Ken and Mary Beth Howell

Glen and Gloria Hower

HRC Wealth Management, LLC

Chin and Ning Hsu

HUB International Insurance

Dr. John and Mary Huberty

Fritz and Mary Hughes

Hunter Hughes

Scot and Katherine Hulbert

John Hunt

Chip and Julie Hunter

Vincent and Uta Hutnak

Gary and Beverley Hyde

Mark and Tina Imler

Sherry Immediato

Lianne Inaba

Incyte Diagnostics

Birgitta Ingemanson and Gregory Polgar

Inland Cellular

Innovia Foundation

Irwin, Myklebust, Savage & Brown, PS

J & H, Inc.

Eric Jacobs

Suzanne Jacobson

Col. Robert L. and Vicki L. Jahns


Malathi Jandhyala

Jill Jefferies

Gary and Malinda Jenkins

Sam Jenkins

Brandon Jenks

Fred Jessup

Jimmy John's

Barbara A. Johnson

Erik Johnson

Glenn and Kathryn Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Bill and Ellen Johnston

Johnny Johnston

Jeff and Esther Joireman

Al Jones

Andy Jones

Christopher Jones

Darren and Keri Jones

Dr. David Jones and Janet Collar

Carol Jorstad

JP Scrubs and More

Stevan and Karla Kalasz

Jasmine Kalili

Michael and Donalyn Kallaher

Rick and Kate Kamerrer

Kamiak Coffee Company

Kate Fox-Amato Design Studio, LLC

Chad Kauffman

Dr. John and Kim Keizur

Kent Keller

Ann C. Kennedy

William H. Kerr

Nick and Karen Kiessling

Gregg and Margie Kimball

Howard and Marvel Kimball

Cris Kincaid

Jackson Kincaid

Keith and Chrisi Kincaid

Pamela Kincaid

Doug and Terese King

Jeff and Lynette Kinzer

Juanita Kinzer

Karen Kinzer

Conny and Helmut Kirchhoff

Max and Evelyn Kirk

Stephanie Knewbow

Michael and Hella Knoblauch

Jan and Connie Koal

Yoshi Kodama

Teresa Koenig

Bessie Kolva

Rebecca Kramer

Constance Kuehner

Leonard Labine

Tony and Linda Lam

Jane Lariviere

John and Nancy Lee Larsen

Greg Larson

Sarah Jane and Andrew Larson

Calvin and Sandra Lathen

Richard and Frances Law

Caryn Lawton

Charles and Nancy Leathers

Elizabeth Lee


Brian and Victoria Leffingwell

Angela Lenssen

The Leonard Family

Silvia Leonardo

J Craig Lester

Richard Lewis


Dr. Cliff and Kirstin Lightfoot

Adam and Kim Lincoln


Stanton and Lucille Linden

Ian and Morgan Lindquist

Zach Lipton

Dorothy Lisk

Patty Lloyd

LMK, Inc.

James and Jean Logan

Douglas and Mary Lopes

Laura Lopez


Nicholas and Katherine Lovrich

Lyle Lowder

Brigitte Lowe

Consorcia and Roger Lumasag

Mary Lutz

Daniel Lynch

Joseph and Constance Lynd

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Nancy Mack

Johnny and Linda Mackovich

Daniel and Cindi Mader

Garth and Christi Mader

Steve and Edie Mader

Nancy and Charles Madison

Patricia Magaret

Janet and Gary Maguire

Brenna and Nathan Mahler

Janine Maines

Mike Malcolm

Royce and Iris Manning

Timothy and Diane Marsh

Bonnie Martin

Randy Martin

Renee Martin

Andrew Martin

Virginia Martinson

Jennifer Matera

Don and Marianna Matteson

Rueben and Marie Mayes

Dr. William Maynard

Sue McComas

Donald McCool

Anne McCoy

Alan McCurdy

Jennafer McCutchen

Tony and Peggy McDonnell

Jeff and Robin McDougle

Kelly McGovern

Jack McGrath and Debra McNeil

Archie and Shelley McGregor

Mary McGregor

McGregor Company

Don McHargue

Mary Mckellar

Kirk and Laura McMichael

Kathi McMillan

Michael McNamara

Jeana McNeil

The McWhirter Family

Robert and Katrina Mealey

Vinod C. Mehta, M.D. and Rekha Mehta

Aldo and Lori Melchiori

France Menard

Martin and Susan Mendiola

Henry and Colleen Merrill

METER Foundation

Anthony and Kristine Meyer

Colin Meyer

John and Barbara Meyer

Pamela Meyer

Ty and Kay Meyer

Robert and Cynthia Michaud

Dr. Peter Mikkelsen and Anna Lim

Karen Miller

Reid and Nancy Miller

Joni Mina and Pete Dickinson

Dr. Ric and Kim Minudri

Quinn Mitchell

Lynn Moehrle

David and Stacia Moffett

Kelly Molitor-Ginn

Dave and Adele Moneymaker

Ann Monson

Barry and Danna Moore

Max and Sara Moore

Ron Morgan

Chuck Morken

Bob Morris and Karen Davis-Morris

Moscow & Pullman Building Supply

Dan and Nora Moser

Ron Moser

Jerry and Tammi Motley

Peg Motley

James and Mary Moyer

Darrel and Barbara Muehling

Charles Munson

Nedra Murray

Elaine Mustard

Bill Myers

Ken and Suzanne Myklebust

Lavanya & Mangapathi Mynam

Debbie L. Nakata

Herbert and Barbara Nakata

Mick and Cindy Nazerali

Rob and Carol Ndambuki-Mutisya

John Neff

Michael Neff and Sandy O'Keefe

Howard and Mary Jane Neill

James and Marji Neill

Tom and Faye Neill

Neill's Flowers and Gifts

Darlene Neunherz

Reed Newcomer

Thomas Newhof and Constance Brumm

Connie Newman

Erik Newman

Anthony V. Nicola

Noel Nicolai

Julie Nielsen

Tom and Linda Nihoul

Nikki Nolt


Chad Nordhagen

Gunnar Nordquist

Titus Nordquist

Jim Northcott

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network


Nuevo Vallarta Inc

Alison and Mike O'Brien

Lorena O'English

Charles and Gwen Oldenburg

JJ and Cheryl Oliver

Bob and Marsha Olsen

James and Blair Onstad

Donald and Patricia Orlich

Desmond and Sheila O'Rourke

Sally Orsborn

Glenn Osterhout

Carol Owings

P.E.O. Sisterhood of Pullman

Heidi Pagels

Bruce and Barbara Palmer

Dr. Guy and Diane Palmer

Palouse Design Associates

William Pan and Vicki McCracken

Paradise Creek Brewery

Chris Park

Dr. Juan Parra

Gary and Anita Parrott

Kyle Paterson

Pat and Cherie Patnode

Bob and Janily Patrick

Scott and Shauna Patrick

David Patterson

Bill and Rachel Paul

Tim and Carin Pavish

Stacy Pearson

Leti Pena-Rodriguez

Dr. Steven and Rachel Pennington

Kathleen Peringer

Sara Jane Perino

Donald and Monica Peters

Jamie Peters

Maya Petrino

Frances M. Pettit


Corrine Phillips

Pickard Orthodontics

John and Stephanie Pierce

Sid and Penne Pierson

Josh and Katy Pietz

Roopa and Sasi Pillay

Marvin and Annie Pillers

Pioneer Title Company of Washington

Piper Sandler & Co.

Guy and Arlyce Pitzer

Joe and Tamira Pitzer

Kevin and Janet Poitra

Suzanne Polle

Kelly and Juston Pollestad


Joe Porter

Tony and Emily Poston

Brian and Sue Potter

Lee Powers

Acacia Prather

Pratt Moving and Storage

David and Kristin Prieur

Cable 8 Productions

Jerry and Kathy Prout

Merton and Joan Pubols


Pullman Anesthesia Associates

Pullman Chamber of Commerce

Pullman Disposal Service

Pullman Dominos

Pullman Lions Club

Pullman Local

Pullman McDonald's

Pullman Radio

Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary

Pullman Rotary Club

Jan Pyle

Bart and Peggy Quesnell

Don and Nancy Quintrell

Mary Ramirez

William and Susan Rammelsberg



Adam and Amy Ratliff

Linda Rauch

RE/MAX Home and Land

David Rees

Regency Pullman

Frank and Roxanna Reisenauer

Jianning Ren

Michelle Reynolds

Gladys Rice

Petronila Rich

Richard Druffel & Sons

John and Mary Richards

Catherine and Dean Ritchie

Robert and Sue Ritter

Jessica Rivers

Darl and Star Roberts

Nancy Roberts

Ed and Ferris Robertson

Brinda Robin

Christina Rockett

Jack and Belle Rogers

Justin and Amy Rogers

Peggy and Lawrence Ronhovde

Jerman and Marguerite Rose

Enrique and Anna Rubalcava

A.G. and Rita Rud

Vicki and David Ruddick

Allan and Della Ruddy

Teresa Ruddy

John and Roberta Rutherford

Emily Sablan

Eric and Linhda Sagen

Dr. Sarita Said-Said

Michael and Carol Rydbom

Dan Salois

Sam Dial Jewelers

Diane Sampson

Laurie Sams

Barbara Sanborn

PJ Sanchez and Kelli Kamimura

Esther Sanders

Byron and Marcia Saneholtz

Selene Santucci

Roseann Sargent

Marina Savenkova

Keith and Mary Lou Saxton

Ben and Lisa Schacher

Patrick Schacher

Gary and Susan Schell

Randy and Cindy Schlee

Joe and Kim Schmick

Janet Schmidt and Tim Blair

Dennis and Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe

Helena Agri-Enterprises

Schreck Family Foundation

Lynn Schreyer

Bernard and Kelly Schultheis

Carroll and Edna Mae Schultheis

Chris and Jana Schultheis

S&S Custom Cabinets

Kirk and Noel Schulz

Ed and Beatriz Schweitzer


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

David Seamans

Kelly Sebold

Derek and Erin Sedam

Gordon and Ruth Sedlacek

Jeannie Sells

Seniors For Seniors COVID-19 Relief

John Severinghaus, Ph.D.

Neeta and Niraj Shah

Justin Shahan

Garren and Anna-Maria Shannon

Karee Shaw

Richard Shew

Curtis and Wendy Shoemaker

Helen Shores

Ben Shors

Bob and Jane Shrope


Sid's Professional Pharmacy

Jane Sielken

Patrick and Elizabeth Siler

Steve Simasko and Wanda Terry

Mary B Simonsen

Barbara Simpson

Bill and Susie Skavdahl

Bryan and Kathy Slinker

Lloyd and Donna Slusser

Joshua and Jamie Smart

Gary Smith

Kyle Smith

Renee Smith

Kathleen Smith-Meadows

Juliann Smitt

John and Patty Snyder

Mike and Christine Sodorff

Dr. David and Kathy Spencer

Paul R. Spencer and Susan Daniels

Dana Srikanth

Suzanne St Pierre

John Staley

Lily and Kirk Steinhorst

Janice Stewart


James Storms

Herbert and Miriam Stratton

Mike and Gail Swan

Cliff and BJ Swanson

Kerry and Lisa Swanson

Tom and Betsy Swanson

Kiall and Stacey Swift

Swire Coca-Cola

Austin Swopes

Buck and Mary Taggart

Robyn Tarbet

Michael and Winifred Ann Tate

Carol Taylor

Ellen Taylor and Prudence Miles


Judy Templeton

Kevin Tennant

The Steffens Foundation

Guy and Jeanne Therrien

Amy Thielen

Jennifer Becker

Mark and Joanie Thomas

Linda Thomashow

Marvin Thompson and Dawn Zimmerman-Thompson

Scott and Miranda Thompson

Bill Thomson and Wendy McClure

Rod Thornton

Tanner Thornton


Dr. Ed and Laura Tingstad

Ryan and Kristi Tippett

Tom and Linda Tippett

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Carol Todorovich

Steve and Dee Tomson

Dr. Marcus and Mary Torrey

Tim and Elizabeth Troutt

Chip and Amy Tull

United Way of Whitman County

University Collision of Moscow

Wynn and Gloria Van Ausdle

Hal and Rebecca Van Devord

Paige Van Wie

Katie Van Wyngarden

Troy and Laura Vannucci

Tina and Daniel Varey

Village Centre Cinemas

Albert and Jane Von Frank

Dr. Leyen and Amy Vu

Charlie Vulliet

Louis and Kay Vyhnanek

Ron and Barb Wachter

Mary Wack

Waddell and Reed

Elizabeth Walker

Sarah Walker

Tom and Lisa Walker

Janice Wall

Ray and Jennifer Wallace


John and Pamela Walton

Robert and Karne Warner


Washington Trust Bank

David Watkins

Kaitlin Watson


Jennifer Watts

Marty and Judy Weber

Gary and Beverly Webster

Bill and Susan Weed

Jesse and Alison Weigley

Phil and Jeanne Weiler

Ernest and Marie Weiss

Suellen and David Weller

Kate Werner

Michael and Vivian Werner

Margaret Werre

Carla and Richard Wesson

Guy and Kelley Westhoff

Betsy Wheeler

David and Shelley Whidbee

David and Nicole Whitehead

Bill Whybark

Pat and Jackie Sue Wilkins

Advantage Mini Storage

Ann and Dave Williams

Annette Williams

Tim and Gina Williams

John Willy

Austin and Elizabeth Wilmerding

Elizabeth Wilson

Robert Douglas and Jodi Jean Winchell

John and Beverley Wolff

Woodbridge Real Estate

Sandra Woodrow

Charlotte Worthy

Mark Wray

Ray and Pat Wright

Patrick and Karen Wuestney

Carolyn Wyatt

Chandler and Stephanie Wysup

Wysup Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram & Imports

Mike and Debbie Yates

Verna Yockey

David and Marion Yonge

Francis Young


Lynn and Kay Youngblood

Ralph and Valerie Yount

Gary and Sharon Zentzis

Katie Zhong

Peigin Zhu and Luying Xun

Christy Zlatos