Pullman Regional Hospital Laboratory Services offers one of the most comprehensive testing menus available in the Palouse area. Routine and emergency services are provided for inpatients and outpatients at Pullman Regional Hospital. In addition, the laboratory serves as a referral laboratory to other agencies, and clinics in the area. 

Our team of laboratory professionals consists of a board certified pathologist, medical laboratory scientists and technicians, an LIS specialist, and certified phlebotomists. Our pathologist, Isaac R. Grindeland, MD, provides medical expertise for multiple specialties, including anatomic pathology, hematopathology, transfusion medicine, and infection control.

Our lab provides anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine services, with oversight by a laboratory director. The Laboratory Medicine Division provides services that include: chemistry, hematology, coagulation, transfusion medicine, immunology, serology, microbiology and limited services in toxicology. The Anatomic Pathology Division provides services that include: surgical pathology, Immuno histochemistry, etc.

Quality assurance and quality control are paramount in our work, and we are backed by the College of American Pathologists and DNV, an international accrediting body for healthcare. In addition, our laboratory is in compliance with the Washington State Department of Health, and our Blood Bank is FDA-registered.


Schedule Blood Draws

To schedule lab work, please use the online form below. If you're seeking pre-employment drug testing or glucose tolerance testing, please call (509) 336-7660 to schedule. 


Frequently Asked Questions

In May 2022, we introduced a way for patients to schedule their lab draws online. This allows for less wait times for patients.

If you'd like to schedule your lab draw over the phone instead, please call (509) 336-7660. Walk-ins will still be accepted, but priority will be given to scheduled draws.

Most doctors' offices will fax orders directly to the Lab. If your doctor gave you the order, please bring it with you when you come to the Lab.

If you're not sure if your doctor has faxed over your order yet, you're welcome to call (509) 336-7660 and our Lab team can check for you. 

If your order has not been sent over yet, you will need to contact your doctor's office and have them send it to us. 

It depends what lab test was ordered by your doctor. Glucose Tolerance Tests, Lipid Panels, and Insulin Levels generally require you to fast prior to the draw. 

If you are unsure if you need to fast or not or have questions about your test, contact your doctor's office. 

5 milliliters equals 1 teaspoon and typical laboratory tubes hold about 4 milliliters.  

Most lab orders require 3 tubes- though this can vary. 

Our phlebotomists are highly trained in unique distraction techniques and excellent at explaining the entire process to you to help ease your fears. 

Please let your phlebotomist know if you have previously fainted during a blood draw, or feel that you may faint at any time during your visit. 

Your test results will be visible on your MyChart account. You can also contact the ordering provider to learn your results and ask any follow-up questions you may have. 

Learn more about setting up your MyChart Account

Any questions about your results must be directed towards the ordering provider. The Laboratory staff are not authorized to read or interpret your lab results. 

Most tests that are performed at Pullman Regional Hospital are done the same day.

If your test is analyzed through a reference lab, this process can take several days. The majority of tests are turned around between 1-7 days.

If you have your lab order, please bring it with you, along with your insurance card, and photo identification. 

It is recommended that you come to the Lab well hydrated. If you are required to fast prior to your draw, you are allowed to drink water. 

Any questions regarding the interpretation of results must be directed towards the ordering provider. 

The Laboratory staff are not authorized to read or interpret your results for you. 

It is recommended that you leave the bandage over the venipuncture site for at least 15 minutes, longer if you are on blood thinners. This is to ensure your safety and prevent any leakage from the site. 

You can proceed with your regular activity following a lab draw.